Pulse sequences

Want to know the structure of a medium sized molecule (~1000Da) and your NOESY is empty – measure EASY-ROESY. A pulse-sequence robust and easy to setup for everybody.


C.M. Thiele, K. Petzold and J. Schleucher“EASY ROESY: reliable cross-peak integration in adiabatic symmetrized ROESY”, Chemistry – A European Journal; 15 (3), pp 585-588, 2009

This sequence allows identification of compounds connected to phosphor, especially in biological mixtures, such as phosphor-lipids.


K. Petzold, A. Olofsson, A. Arnqvist, G. Gröbner and J. Schleucher “Semiconstant-Time P,H-COSY NMR: Analysis of Complex Mixtures of Phospholipids Originating from Helicobacter pylori”, Journal of the American Chemical Society;131 (40), pp 14150–14151, 2

13C and 15N labels are too expensive? Measure you un-labeled RNA dynamics using our SELOPE approach


J. Schlagnitweit, E. Steiner, H. Karlsson and K. Petzold “Efficient detection of structure and dynamics in unlabeled RNAs: the SELOPE approach” Chemistry – A European Journal; 24(23):6067-6070, 2018.

Measure fast dynamics in nucleic acids and Hα of protein side-chains.


Steiner E., Schlagnitweit J., Lundström P. and Petzold K. “Capturing Excited States in the Fast-Intermediate Exchange Time-Limit in Biological Systems Using 1H NMR Spectroscopy”, Angew Chem Int Edit 2016, 55 (51), 15869–15872, 2016


600 MHz Bruker with 5mm HCNP Cryo-probe, 1.7mm HCN Cryo-probe and Smart probe, cooled sample changer


RNA wetlab with HPLC for RNA  purification and solid-phase synthesizer for production

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