Welcome Christian and Natalia, and Cenk again

Christian Steinmetzger, who did his PhD in the lab of Claudia Höbartner, and Natalia Galindo Riera, who did her PhD in the lab of Isabel Martinez Garay, join as Postdoctoral Fellows the lab. Cenk Onur Gürdap comes back and works with us part-time while pursuing a Master degree at KTH.

Katja presents at the Emerging NMR Webinar series

On Thursday the 30th of July at 4pm CET, Katja will present our research at the webinar organized by ICMRBS & Euromar “Emerging Topics in Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance”. This will be later also available on the youtube channel and is organized by L. Andreas, S. Glöggler, C. Griesinger, M. Hong, O. Millet, A. Palmer and M. Zweckstetter.

microRNA dynamics influence activity

Our paper on how miR-34a influences the activity of Sirt1 (regulator of P53) is published in Nature. Congratulations to Lorenzo, first author of the study, and of course everyone else.

Good bye and good luck Sarah

Postdoctoral fellow Sarah Friebe Sandoz finishes her postdocin the Petzold lab and leaves for a position in a start up company.We wish you good luck and we will miss you.

Pure RNA in bucketloads

Congratulations Hampus to the acceptance of His manuscript A robust and versatile method for production and purification of large-scale RNA samples for structural biology in the journal RNA.


We are happy to join the efforts to solve all RNA and protein structures of COVID-19 by NMR (which have not been possible to solve by other methods) and search for drugs fighting this Coronavirus and the disease it causes.

Welcome Walter!

Walter Becker joins our lab as postdoctoral Fellow. He will bring expertise in protein NMR and sample preparation to the lab. See our current people webpage