Sven och Ebba-Christina Hagbergs Pris

Katja received the Sven och Ebba-Christina Hagbergs pris. for her work on RNA structure and function using NMR. This price is given to young group leaders who have shown potential.

Big reasons to celebrate!

Katja and Emma receive the Knut och Alice Wallenberg Project grant. Our project on miRNA targeting got funded by the prestigious Wallenberg foundation – Thank you!!


We submitted our first paper! Congratulations to Emilie, Judith and our collaborator Patrik Lundström.

Our paper “Visualizing Transient Watson-Crick Like Mispairs in DNA and RNA Duplexes” Nature, 2015, is as of March/April 2016 a highly cited paper  (received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of its academic field) based on a Web of Knowledge/ISI.