Good bye Sabrina

Thank you Sabrina for enriching our lab and good luck with your Master Thesis at the Goethe University in the group of Prof. H. Schwalbe.

Welcome Julian

Welcome postdoctoral fellow Julian Ilgen, coming from Technical University Darmstadt from his PhD with Prof. Christina Thiele.

Assignment of SL5a RNA of Covid19

Congratulations to Elnaz, Magdalena and Judith for the publication of their work on the regulatory element 5’SL5a together with the Covid19-NMR consortium

Breakthrough paper on Covid-19 RNA in NAR

Congratulations to Elnaz Banijamali, Magdalena Riad and Judith Schlagnitweit! Together they have contributed to elucidating the structure of the 5’UTR of the Covid-19 RNA genome, as part of the Covid19-NMR consortium. The paper was marked by the editors as Breakthrough in the journal Nucleic Acid Research.

Welcome Sabrina Töws

Sabrina Töws does her undergraduate internship with us supported from Erasmus. Sabrina is currently a Master Student in Molecular Medicine at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.