Move to Uppsala University and IMBIM

We are delighted to join Uppsala University and IMBIM department. Thank you everyone for helping with the move and to our new host & neighbours to help us feel like home already. We are all looking forward for this new beginning and hopefully new fruitful collaborations to come!

Spider silk gives insights into LLPS formation

Congratulations Cagla and Hannes for insights into spider protein and LLPS connections in Journal of the American Chemical Society and a fruitful collaboration: Mass Spectrometry of RNA-Binding Proteins during Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation Reveals Distinct Assembly Mechanisms and Droplet Architectures.

A new Professor in the lab!

Congratulations Katja for this fantastic achievement! Thank you Uppsala University for this great opportunity, and looking forward working with our new colleagues at IMBIM Department this spring!

Goodbye Walter!

After almost 3 years of hard work (and a lot of laugh too) with us, we sadly said Goodbye to Walter who is now pursuing his research adventures on the other side of the globe in The University of Sydney! Wishing you all the best mate!

Welcome Nicola!

We are glad to welcome Nicola from Regensburg University and hoping her master project will be in good SHAPE with Joanna’s help!